Men’s Rowing Capture No. 1 Times in Every Event at Stetson Fall Race

Men’s Rowing Capture No. 1 Times in Every Event at Stetson Fall Race

DELAND, Fla. – The Jacksonville University men's rowing program were quite successful this fall and crowned its three-race schedule going three-for-three at the Stetson Fall Rowing Rendezvous.

"We're proud of our team's effort today," said Head Coach Marci Robles. "We went into this weekend with the goal of executing our race plan from start to finish - and we did that across the board. It's been a long few months of training, and it was great to be able to race and get a sense of how much we've improved since September. We still have work to do, but we're heading into winter training motivated by the progress we've seen, and ready to continue to work hard towards meeting our goals this spring." 

JU's three Varsity Four crews were the first to test the waters for the men's program. The Dolphins' 'A' boat placed first out of nine boats, finishing in a time of 18:18.00. The mark was 23 seconds ahead of JU's 'B' crew who crossed the finish line with a time of 18:41.00. Two Rollin's crews and Florida rounded out the top five, respectively, before JU's 'C' boat coxed by Xavier Mendez rowed in at sixth at 20:09.00.

Varsity Four 'A': Cox: Stephen McDonald; 4: Luke Myhree; 3: Scott Waitley; 2: Victor Gargaun; Bow: Shane Barnett

Varsity Four 'B': Cox: Alexander Tate; 4: Ryan Chase Rowe; 3: Travis Pulliam; 2: Erik Fournier; Bow: Nathan Esterline

Varsity Four 'C': Cox: Xavier Mendez; 4: Drew Allen; 3: Jacob Levy; 2: Alexander DeLong; Bow: Zachary McKenna

Jacksonville's fresh faces steamed past all the competition in the Novice Four heat. There wasn't a crew even close to the Dolphins as the won the event in 18:43.00, a minute and fourteen seconds ahead of Rollins.

Novice Four: Cox: Xavier Mendez; 4: Zachary Kelso; 3: Luciano Mercenari; 2: Justin Figueroa; Bow: Chris Nichols

The Varsity Eight crews concluded JU's fall season, wrapping the regatta with a 1-2 finish. The only crews to finish their heat in under 17 minutes -the Dolphins' 'A' boat set the mark at 16:17.00 while the 'B' boat clocked in four seconds later.

Varsity Eight 'A': Cox: Stephen McDonald; 8: Luke Myhree; 7: Scott Waitley; 6: Victor Gargaun; 5: Shane Barnett; 4: Chase Rowe; 3: Luciano Mercenari; 2: Scott Marx; Bow: Nathan Esterline

Varsity Eight 'B': Cox: Alex Tate; 8: Zach Kelso; 7: Travis Pulliam; 6: Erik Fournier; 5: Jake Capistran; 4: Andrew Bechtold; 3: Chris Nichols; 2: William Vanneck; Bow: Nico MacKay

Saturday's regatta capped Jacksonville's fall season. After a four-month hiatus, the men's program begins its spring schedule on April 3 at the Florida Intercollegiate Rowing Association Spring Classic.