Mission Statement

The mission of Jacksonville University’s Strength and Conditioning Program is to provide an innovative, comprehensive, structured training program to improve athletic performance and reduce the occurrence of athletic injury. Each program design focuses on sport-specific details while incorporating all aspects of athleticism including speed, agility, strength, power, conditioning, flexibility, injury prevention and toughness. Proper technique is always emphasized to ensure maximal performance improvements and increase safety. We strive to maximize the athletic potential of every student-athlete and ensure our athletes are prepared to perform at an elite level.

JU Strength and Conditioning Center

The JU Strength and Conditioning Center, located in the athletic fieldhouse, is a 2,400-square-foot facility, utilized by all Jacksonville University athletic programs, under the guidance of the JU strength and conditioning staff. Updates in 2016 include all new floor, racks, dumbbells, benches, barbells, and an additional 2,000 sqft outdoor area including a 30 yard lunge walk/warm up path.

  • 4 Dynamic Double-Sided Ultra-Pro Racks
  • 4 Dynamic Ultra Pro Half Racks
  • 2,400 sq. ft. Ecore Ultratile Flooring
  • 12 Custom Inlaid Platforms
  • 12 Sets of York Bumper Plates
  • 10,000 lbs Iron Grip/ Ivanko Plates
  • 2 Tons of Custom Logo Stainless Handle UMax Dumbbells 15-130lbs
  • 14 Dynamic Multi-Adjustable Benches
  • 4 Dynamic Glute/Ham Benches
  • 4 Dynamic 300lb. Pulldown/Low Row Pulley Machines
  • 2 Rogers Pendulum Hip Press Machines
  • 1 Quad/Hamstring/4-Way Hip Machine
  • 8 Stackable Step Up Boxes
  • 10 Custom Speed Sleds
  • 3 Sets of Plyometric Boxes
  • 20 Dynamax Medicine Balls
  • 12 Slam Balls
  • Chains, Bands, Ropes, Physio Balls, Airex Pads, Foam Rollers, Etc.
  • Custom Mackie Sound System/ Swann Surveillance System

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